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1. force load pojo after insert

Newbie Joined: Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:06 am Posts: 1 Hello, i have a question: is it possible reload pojo after insert? I have two pojo: the first pojo (PianificazioneCommessaLavoratoreAnno) maps a table, the second pojo (PianificazioneGlobaleCommessaAnno) has a subselect. The first pojo has a relation many-to-one (pianificazioneGlobaleCommessaAnno) with the second pojo with properties inset="false" update="false". When i insert new pojo, ...

2. Inserting POJO into Oracle Object

HI , I have created a object :::CREATE TYPE CONTACT2 AS OBJECT ( firstName VARCHAR2(20), lastName VARCHAR2(25), email VARCHAR2(25) ) create type table1 is table of CONTACT2 I am trying to insert data into table1 my configuration file is like this but I am getting error ::Reading in hbm file Please help me its urgent. Thanks in advance ...

4. Unusual Question/Problem: retrieving SQL insert for Pojo

In principle, Hibernate does not like to loose track of whatever pojos are being inserted in the dabatase. You can do inserts and deletes on hibernate3, but they have to be HQL. Hibernate won't even like a stored procedure called from within it, if the stored procedure does things other than select.