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1. How work with foreign keys in Hibernate?

I'm new to Hibernate. This is my problem. I can do this:

package = session.createQuery("from Package").list();
But what I really want is this in SQL:
select * from package,product where product.nome='television' and package.idProduct = ...

2. Hibernate Netbeans & MySQL - Why does NetBeans Generate POJOs and mapping files without table relationships?

I have a schema (MySQL) that I trying to generate pojos and mappings from using the integrated features within Netbeans. After generating the hibernate.cfg and hibernate.reveng files everything looks good. However ...

4. Hibernate, hibernatetool, hbm2java, MySQL, Annotated POJOs

Hello, I spent a long, long time today sorting out how to use Hibernate, hbm2java (generating Annotated POJOs), and the hibernatetools Ant tasks against MySQL. In my travels I found that my problems weren't unique to me, so in an effort to help future generations, I am posting this to help people. Hopefully Google indexes this place. This is a sort ...