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1. Using wrapper Integer class or int primitive in hibernate mapping    stackoverflow.com

In the company that I work for we have this major discussion on whether it should be better to use wrapping classes for primitives (java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Long) or whether to use the ...

2. many-to-one hibernate mapping generating wrong types in POJO    forum.hibernate.org

Using Hibernate 3 with JDK 1.5 on a Mac OS X.... Got what I think is very simple mapping document (see below) which defines a many-to-one relationship between a resource object (resurs) and resources types (i.e. a resource must have a type). However when generating POJO classes from the HibernateToolTask the wrong type is assigned to the many-to-one property. Note, that ...

3. Data Type of the POJO class for mapping sql LONG data type    forum.hibernate.org

I'm trying to map an SQL LONG data type with my POJO class. Currently i'm usinga a String variable which is able to store files with less size but when it comes to large files, while trying to save the entity, i get an exception that String class cannot accept large values