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1. Performance for Hibernate vs JPA(Hibernate) Jboss Help needed    coderanch.com

Lots of factors. What JVM tuning have you done on your stand-alone to match what JBoss AS has? There is no added layers, Hibernate is an implementation, so both are running Hibernate code, so they are identical in that regard. So that just leaves the container on the outside that is different. JVM tuning is my first guess. Mark

2. Hibernate performance problems in JBoss.    forum.hibernate.org

Hello everyone, last days I did some tests concerning the performance of Hibernate within Jboss and "standalone". I came to some disappointing results concerning the performance within JBoss (using CMT): 1) The datasource access seems to be significantly slower as with Hibernate "standalone". In some examples it was three times slower. 2) Moreover I was not able to do caching (using ...

3. Hibernate performance question when using clustered jboss    forum.hibernate.org

Hi! What we have: Stateless session beans exposed as webservices on jboss 4.0.1SP1 . We are going to deploy in a clustered environment with high performance requirements. The questions: Should we use hibernate with full relational mapping or just mapp single classes to tables without relations? When we have full relational mapping we use lazy loading but it feels like a ...