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1. Accelerate application startup on Jetty

I have a small web application configured with Guice, Jersey and EclipseLink, and run this application on jetty (8.0.0.M1) during development. There are about 10 ...

2. Hibernate startup time - performance issue.

We are having some performance issue when using Hibernate 2.x. The performance is quiet poor to a map few mapping files and getting session factory. 1. instantiate Configuration. 2. add resources (say dozen mapping files). 3. create sessionfactory. I am using p4/2.5 ghz, 1 mb ram.. the above process takes around 8secs... is it the expected behaviour?

3. Performance: Hibernate startup time

4. hibernate startup performance

5. ehcache configuration startup performance

6. Sessionfactory Startup Performance

Hi, I have a rather complex Object Graph that consists of 44 classes. All classes are mapped with Hibernate XML Mapping files (with cascade relationships and the usual meta tags for equals and toString). All classes are rather small (about 12 properties on average). It takes about 5 seconds to create the SessionFactory ( I use the "standard" HibernateUtil to create ...