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1. Exception$BasicGett

Newbie Joined: Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:04 am Posts: 1 When I trying to save my transaction then I have got below exception : I am not getting why this exception came. Please help me to solve this exception :$BasicGetter get SEVERE: IllegalArgumentException in class: Beans.CutomerOrderDetails, getter method of property: cutomerOrderDetailsId org.hibernate.PropertyAccessException: IllegalArgumentException occurred calling getter of Beans.CutomerOrderDetails.cutomerOrderDetailsId at$BasicGetter.get( ...

2. Vague Error: []

Hibernate version: 3.x Code between sessionFactory.openSession() and session.close(): Using JBoss Name and version of the database you are using: Sybase 12.x Error: 2006-07-25 11:24:34,375 ERROR [] IllegalArgumentException in class: us.tx.state.oag.WfPersonnelAction.hbm.HbmWfPaCodeActionStatusTable, getter method of property: ActionStatusId Mapping documents: Master Table mapping:


I have this code: String hql ="from LanguageTranslation ltrans left join fetch ltrans.language_id where ltrans.keylabel = :keylabel and ltrans.language_id =:langID"; Query query = session.createQuery(hql); query.setParameter("keylabel",key_label); query.setParameter("langID", new Integer(languageID)); lTrans = (LanguageTranslation)query.uniqueResult(); Hibernate.initialize(lTrans.getTranslated_text()); session.getTransaction().commit(); s there something wrong with the syntax? Why am i having this error?: SEVERE: IllegalArgumentException in class:, getter method of property: language_id Exception in thread "main" ...