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1. DBCP and hibernate.properties    forum.hibernate.org

Hi all, I'm trying to use DBCP with Hibernate, but it seems I can't bypass Hibernate's DriverManagerConnectionProvider. I would like to avoid using the Hibernate properties file to configure the DB's url, password etc. To that end, I store the connection pool in JNDI (I use tomcat's JNDI implementation), where I define all its properties. My problem is that when I ...

2. Hibernate DBCP config properties    forum.hibernate.org

I am setting the DBCP property validationQuery along with other properties in my server.xml file of tomcat. And I use the hibernate.connection.datasource property in the hibernate-cfg.xml to use that DBCP. I want to know that do I have to redefine the the DBCP properties in my hibernate config file or they will be picked from my original definition.