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1. setting property value (emergency!)

hello everyone, I need immediate help.. I got : ...Exception setting property value with CGLIB setter of ...exception which is because of trying set null value to a primitive typed variable: void setX(float x) this.x =x; When I change it to Float, querying works fine. But that must be something within hibernate, that would help me to use primitive types. thanks ...

2. Define values for property

Hi. My hibernate-mapping looks like this one: Now i want to map another database column with this mapping. For this column doesn't exist a property in the java class, but i know that the value always must be "3". My problem ...

3. Property Value

hi Can anybody tell me how to copy a property value into a column which is not mapped in a class. For example I have two columns and a property in a class, property1 is mapped to column1 and I also need column2 (which is not mapped) having same value that of property1. Thanks in advance Rajendra

4. Howto create incremental value property

5. Re-setting all property values in AbstractSaveEventListener

Hi, While debugging through some of the code to fix an issue, I found that while saving, all the collections are wrapped into instances of PersistentCollection and hence the AbstractSaveEventListener delegates to the persister to set all the property values again. I feel it should check to see if its really required to fire a setter or perhaps maintain a list ...