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I have a page which displays a table with some entries which is taken from a method in form of a list from a JPA Entity for the first time. now I ...

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hi, I do the same thing like you , but i don't understand how jpa know that which field need to distinct ? My jpql is select DISTINCT new model.Loggoldtmp( DATE_FORMAT(createdate, '%Y-%m-%d') as datevalue,year(createdate) as yearvalue,month(createdate) as monthvalue,quarter(createdate) as seasonvalue,dayofyear(createdate) as dayofyearvalue,dayofmonth(createdate) as dayofmonthvalue,dayofweek(createdate) as dayofweekvalue ,now() as createdate) "+ "from Loggold o";

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I'm learning java ee, so i made some modifications to the CRUD examples, now im getting some weird behavior, after creating a new row i go to list and for some reason that last row appears empty, i checked the result list of the query and its getting that row with null values. I do update the items on the bean ...

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