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1. Display Hibernate Query in JTable    stackoverflow.com

I'm seeking an efficient way to display an SQL table queried via Hibernate in a JTable.

    Query q = em.createNamedQuery("Files.findAll");
    List rl = q.getResultList();
It would ...

2. Refreshing Jtable after deleting object with hibernate?    stackoverflow.com

populating table with initial data:

additionsTable.setModel(new AdditionalDocsTableModel(addDocuments));
constructor of the model:
public AdditionalDocsTableModel(List<MyDocument> docs) {
        this.docs = docs;
Here's code in AbstractTableModel for deleting ...

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Hello one and all, I , a JPA- and NetBeans-Newbie, am trying to construct a form where the user can use comboboxes to generate custom DB-queries and display the results in a JTable. the first part, creating and executing the query is working, i get all the correct results through System.out.println. The part of displaying these in the JTable is where ...

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Hi, I know that JTable data refreshing seems to be a very common problem. I have a JTable and I want to refresh it by pressing a button after I insert a new record in MySQL through INSERT INTO `users` (`userid`, `userdescription`, `username`) VALUES (1, 'Description test', 'Name test'); I use (in theory this is working): Java Code: private List usersList ...