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1. hibernate not using where clause with inner join

Here's an excerpt from my code (I'm using XDoclet):

 * @hibernate.class table="WIP_DISCRETE_JOBS"
public class WipDiscreteJob extends AuditedObject
  private WipDiscreteJobStatus status;

   * @hibernate.many-to-one column="STATUS_TYPE"

2. SetMaxResult with NORMAL inner Join

I am using JPA (toplink), and trying to limit query result using setMaxResult and setFirstResult methods on a named query that is applying normal inner join. I read that if my query ...

3. Counting in hibernate using Criteria without unnecessary inner joins

I am using criteria for counting number of rows. consider a class

class GroupMembership{
 public Group  Group{get;set;}
 public Member Member{get;set;}

I have a criteria which fetches distinct members for each group as:
.CreateCriteria("Group", "grp")
.CreateAlias("this.CommunityMember", ...

4. Controlling projection with inner joins

I'm trying to use a Criteria query to retrieve an entity, and using pagination while I'm at it. I can't seem to get it right. I have two entities, Flight and Passenger. I want the first 2 flights which have a passenger called Joe. And I want the pagination to be done by the database. In theory, the code is simple ...

5. Unexpected Token doing inner join on Subquery?

I'm trying to execute the following: Code: getSession().createQuery("select distinct b from Bid b inner join (select, x.amount, count(x) cnt from Bid x where x.status in ('CONFIRMED','WINNER') group by, x.amount order by cnt limit 1) z on z.amount = b.amount and = where = :auction and b.status in ('CONFIRMED','WINNER') order by b.received").setParameter("auction", auction).setMaxResults(1).list(); (In a nutshell, this ...

6. Using setMaxResult with an inner join

Hi, I am hoping that this question makes sense... I was wondering if there is any way of using the setMaxResult and setFirstResult on the Query object (or any other technic) to restrict the number of results returned on the left side of a join instead of the result returned by the inner join itself. I have a one-to-many mapping (entry ...

7. inner joins and distinct using Criteria

8. How does one create a Criteria with subquery as inner join?

Hibernate version: Is it possible to create a Criteria for the following SQL statement: select * from mt_invoice_imports mt1, (select file_name, account_id, max(upload_date) as upload_date from mt_invoice_imports where to_char(upload_date, 'yyyy') like '%2007%' and account_id = 63453 group by file_name, account_id) mt2 where mt1.file_name = mt2.file_name and mt1.account_id = mt2.account_id and mt1.upload_date = mt2.upload_date I was able to create a Criteria ...