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1. Math operators in Criteria queries    stackoverflow.com

Given the mapped hibernate class:

public class MyTestClass {
  /* id and stuff */

  private Integer aValue;
  private Integer bValue;
you can do the following with HQL:
Query query 

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We are trying to dynamically generate an IN clause for a native sql query to return a JPA entity. Hibernate is our JPA provider. Our code looks something like ...

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How do I convert this into a CriteraQuery:

select n
from TagRegistration t
join t.Tag n
where t.Status & :status > 0
order by count(t.ID) desc
       , n.Name asc

4. Hibernate HQL query by using like operator    stackoverflow.com

Seu the following mapping

public class User {

    private Integer id;

    private Integer getId() {

5. sql error running JPQL query using the IN operator    stackoverflow.com

i have the following 2 JPA classes:

public class AnalysisPolicy {
    private Set rules;
    //stuff omitted
    @OneToMany(cascade = CascadeType.ALL, fetch = FetchType.EAGER)

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In a fashion similar to the question found here: Using IN clause in a native sql query; I am attempting to make use of an IN() clause by way of ...

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I have a criteria query not really working. Here the model:

public class Flaw extends BaseEntity implements Serializable {

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If I debug, I can see that the string I'm building is

and ( property1 , property2 ) in ( values (0, 5) , (3, 4) )
but Hibernate thinks it's better to ...

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Is it possible to perform a request that checks the string representation of a Date instance. For example

Restrictions.like("dateField", "%12%") 
to retrieve dates that either have String 12 in day or ...

10. How to use Airthmetic operator in Hibernate query    coderanch.com

Hi everybody,I am writing a hibernate query that multiply two attributes and takes it sum, but when I use * operator,it gives error "* only allowed inside aggregate function in SELECT " . HQL query is : **************************************************************** Select sum(postab.subtotal), sum(postab.tax), sum(postab.total), count(postab.checknum) , Sum((postab.subtotal)*(loc.royalty)/100) From com.infonox.hibernate.Location as loc, com.infonox.hibernate.Postables as postab where loc.restaurantid = postab.restaurantid **************************************************************** Line which is creating ...

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Hibernate: select ... flaw0_.text as col_7_0_, ... from Flaw flaw0_, where ...

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I want to implement persistence in a spatial database: PosgreSQL + PostGis extension. Can I use the spatial operators like && or distance?. Can I include calls to PostreSQL functions in the where statement? Examples of some queries: SELECT ID, NAME FROM ROADS_GEOM WHERE GEOM && GeometryFromText('POLYGON((191232 243117,191232 243119,191234 243117,191232 243117))',-1); SELECT the_geom FROM geom_table WHERE distance( the_geom, GeometryFromText( 'POINT(100000 200000)', ...

15. Using + operator in Select clause    forum.hibernate.org

Hello, I am trying to run following query "Select new com.sequelsys.common.model.scheduling.ValueObject(sum(a.seqNum + a.myNum)) from AppointmentStatusModel a" The SeqNum and myNum are both java.lang.Long. Hibernate gives me error that + is undefined alias . If i remove + it works ok butr i need to add both columns please help me Regards, Shoaib Akhtar

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hi i m new to Hibernate. i want to know whether i can pass List of objects to "in" operator in HQL or not. I think it works fine for strings. Actually my HQL query is something like this: "Select count(employees) from Employee employees where employees.category in ()" i have a list named "categories" whose size changes dynamically and contains Objects ...