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1. Hibernate: Multiple FK relationships

I'm kinda stuck defining a Hibernate Entity: Assuming I have the following two tables in a database: (A)

  • fromCompany
  • toCompany
  • viaCompany
  • companyID (PK)
  • description
where the elements of (A) point to the primary key of (B); so there are ...

2. [Hibernate] Join without FK Relationship using Criteria

I have this problem to perform a join between two tables when there is no FK relationship at all. I've googled it and spent countless hours with no luck Suppose I have these two entities. @Entity public class Address implements Serializable { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; @Id private Long id; @Column private String streetName; @Column private String zipCode; ...

3. many-to-one relationship without PK and FK in Database

... ...

4. JPA / Hibernate doubts fk relationship with criteria

as doubts mount criteria which have the class to create User teho and the criteria that relate to other class that has a fk I am not able to make this relationship ... podria someone help me ... [code] Criteria c = session.createCriteria (User.class); C.add (Restrictions.eq ( "id", new Long (9))); C.createAlias ( "Document", "doc"); c.add (Restrictions.eqProperty ( "doc.value", "0")); List ...