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1. Limit Collection size in 1-n relationship with ejb-ql

Hi I got a problem with ejb-ql I have objects, say Partners which contain a collection of Orders. I want to retrieve all Partners which have an order in the "open" sate. I must restrict the number of orders which are returned. Only those in the "open" state should be returned. How can I do this with ejb-ql?

2. Collections and Bi-directional relationship

3. HQL related to collections in many-to-many relationship

Hibernate version: 2.1.7c I'm having a problem in getting the proper HQL for the follwong senario: Tables : ITEM (ItemID, name) ORDER (OrderID, Description) ITEM_ORDER (OrderID,ItemID) I have done the many-to-many relationship mapping. (In this, the ITEM has a set of Orders and The Orders has a set of Items) ITEM is defined as the inverse end. The records for ITEM_ORDER ...