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1. JPA2 annotations for uni-directional relationship

In the InstrumentConfig class detailed below what JPA2 annotations should instrument and market have? Thanks

class Instrument {
    @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY)
    long id;


2. Update Bi-directional relationship???

Hi, I think Hibernate is a great framework. It solved a lot of O/R mapping problems for my solutions. I got one "problem". Isn't really a problem, more of a "how-to" question. Here it goes: I got a parent object A, and its children B. The relationship is bi-directional. Object A has a java.util.Set with references to B objects, and Each ...

3. Bi-directional one-to-one relationship, how?

I have a one-2-one relationship between map a and map b: Map A: artist_seq_id ............. Map B: artist ...................... With the maps specified as they ...

4. No way around bi-directional relationship?

Hi all, I've been using Hibernate with great success in a big software project. There's just one thing that especially my co-developer (who designed the object model) can't stand and that is that we have to have references from child classes to parent classes. He thinks it's very ugly and not necessarily object-oriented. I know that it can be done without ...

5. bi-directional relationship problem... please help

Hi Guys, I'm trying to save an object (application) with a child object (appAfterMarketOption) through setting cascade="save-update" I'm getting an error because when it tries to save the child object (after the parent has been saved), it's not updating the foreign key to the parent within the object. org.springframework.dao.DataIntegrityViolationException: Hibernate operation: could not insert: [com.lp.ebus.common.pojo.AppAfterMarketOption]; SQL [insert into APP_AFTER_MARKET_OPTION (OPTION_NAME, OPTION_COST, ...

6. Newbie Question ... bi-directional relationship

Hi, I've not put version information etc here as its not relative. I'm new to Hibernate and having some problems with the concepts. My problem is as follows. I have the following concrete classes CertificateStatementTitle CertificateStatement The relationship between classes is as follows: CertificateStatementTitle has a 0 or more CertificateStatement. My problem is that I need to have an admin function ...

7. Many-to-many bi-directional relationship

Newbie Joined: Mon Jul 09, 2007 9:32 am Posts: 17 I am trying Many-to-many bi-directional relationship, but failed. Code: Event e = new Event(); e.setEventId(1); this.getHibernateTemplate().save(e); Speaker s1 = new ...

8. manay-to-many vs bi-directional relationships

Anyone please clarify below listed query If two objects (A and B) has many-to-many relationship means table of A has reference to table of B and Table of B has reference to Table of A. Then by default is bi-directional.In hibernate book,then added a Topic for "implementing the bidirectional association for MAny-to-many relation ships