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1. Best way to use JPA with relationships

At a time I have a detached (JPA terminology) Permessitemporanei instance in memory. I have to persist the following changes to the database: 1- the associated ingressiconpermesso must be deleted 2- a new ingressiconpermesso must be created 3- statopermesso field must be updated 4- a new Accessiconpermesso must be added to the collection accessiconpermessoCollection

2. JPA relationship pattern question

...where the join table would have effectively three columns (partyID, postalAddressID, and type). The intent is that a party may have many postal addresses indexed by type, but also that in some situations a postal address might be shared between two parties. This implies that the type rides with the association, not the address.

3. Problem with JPA and entity relationships not being seen

I create a relationship that consists of a Chassis DeviceEntity, which contains a InterfaceModuleContainer, which contains an UserTHGInterfaceModule. I wire up the bidirectional relationship correctly and persist the Chassis. I have the persistence logging set to FINEST. I see all of the inserts into the database being performed correctly and I even put a method in to dump the relationships from ...

4. FK is not populating for JPA- One-to-One NONDirectional Relationship

I have a entity called Asset. It is the root entitiy. Inside the root entity are several one-to-one non-directional and one-to-many relationships. Several of these child entities possess subordinate entities and relationships. The subordinate relationships are one-to-many and one-to-one bidirectional relationships. My problem is all the relationships are getting progated correctly for the subordinate entities, but the root entitiy's one-to-one non-directional ...

5. Design question on JPA and cleaning up relationships

I have the following situation. I have an Alarm entity that references a Device entity that the alarm is associated with. I currently have a @ManyToOne uni-directional relationship from the Alarm to the Device (the Alarm knows the associated device but the device does not directly know the alarms associated with it). When a Device entity is removed, I want to ...