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When I update the user, hibernate delete the relations in the join table. How can I avoid this? Please see my resent post on how to insert many-to-many relationships for a ...

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These are my entities

public class User {

    private Set<Game> adminForGames = new HashSet<Game>();

public class Game {


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public class Article implements Serializable, Auditable { ...... private int id = 0; private String keyword = null; private int count = 0; private Timestamp creationDate = new Timestamp(new Date().getTime()); private List

articleList = null; ...

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I have two tables Owner and Telephone linked by a many-to-many relationship with a table owner_telephone. I have users rows populated in table Owner, I have telephones populated in table Telephone. I want to make the connection between tables using the owner_telephone table. I use the following code: ownerBean=(Owner)session.get(Owner.class, owner_id); telBean=(Telefon)session.get(Telefon.class, tel_id); ownerBean.getOwnerTelefon().add(telBean); telBean.getOwners().add(ownerBean); session.update(ownerBean); session.update(telBean); session.flush(); The problem is that ...

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Hi. I have many-to-many relationship. Code: class A { Set bs } class B { } bs_tab is table( a_id, b_id, primary key(a_id, b_id) ...

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Hi, I got this problem I got this many-to-many relation between two beans. Agent and Location with the third table being created "agent_link". The problem is there are already location defined in Location table. Whenever I create a new agent an update statement is fired on the Location table which I don't want. How can I solve this problem. My mapping ...

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I have a class representing product categories and then the class that represents the product. The category and product has a many-to-many association. Here is my mapping for the product category class. This is not a bidrectional relationship so my product does not have a property to store the category references it belongs to. Might this be a problem? Code:

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Event e = new Event(); e.setStart( new Date() ); RepeatEvent ed = new RepeatEventDaily(); ed.setCount(365); ...

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It is many-to-many associations like country, language situation. Say presently in a country five languages are spoken. So Country POJO contains the list of Language POJO. Now suppose another language is being spoken, so I add another element in the list for the country POJO to have six elements in the Language POJO. This language was existing in the language table. ...

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Need help with Hibernate? Read this first: http://www.hibernate.org/ForumMailingli ... AskForHelp Hibernate version:3.0 Mapping documents:

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Hi, I have a many-to-many relationship between playlist and movie, through a join table playlist_movie. If want to create a new playlist from existing movies, do I need to create a new class PlaylistMovies along with a new hbm table playlistMove.hbm.xml? This class allows me to updated the join table directly without affecting movies. Is this necessary or is there a ...

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Regular Joined: Mon Mar 06, 2006 6:18 am Posts: 95 Location: Bern, Switzerland Hi all Hibernate version: 3.1.3 Mapping documents: Benutzer.hbm.xml Code: ...

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Hello, I would like to update a n:m relationship only when I say so. I have 3 tables user, userrole, role so every user can own several roles. The problem is, that every time I update the user all connections of the user within userrole will be deleted and than reinserted. Is there a way with inverse="false" and cascade="none" to call ...