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1. Apply filter to SQL

2. many to one Sql filter

Hello, I have a table Contract -contract number -Contract start-date and a table prices Price -Price -Begin-Date -End-Date I would put a price attribute in Contract (where start date between begin-date and end date) in the Object Contract, i would like to use oneToMany with join colummns but can't add sql filter. Thank you in advance

3. Using sql functions in filter definitions

Hi, I have a filter definition with a clause that looks something like this (for CloudScape): "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP < TABLENAME_EFFECTIVITY_END" This filter works as expected: the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is inserted literally in the WHERE clause since it's a SQL function and the TABLENAME_EFFECTIVITY_END is correctly interpreted as a column name. However, when I change the function to "CURRENT TIMESTAMP" so DB2 7.2 will ...

4. Hibernate named Filters & native SQL

5. Invalid SQL for dynamic filter

Newbie Joined: Thu May 18, 2006 6:25 am Posts: 4 Hi *, I have a simple object model composed from three classes with their relationship as described above by mapping file. One of them is the superclass for the other two, and I have defined a filter for it. If filter is activated and try to retrieve an instance of subclass, ...

6. Filter is prefixing a keyword with THIS_, throwing sql error

@Filter( name = "dataPrevisaoMaiorQue", condition = ":dataPrevisaoMinima <= (select first 1 coalesce(PC.DATA_PREV, CURRENT_DATE) " + "from PEDIDO PC " + "where PC.ID_DI = ID_DI " + ...