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Trying to delete an unmapped class/record via the NHibernate sql api. But can't seem to get it working. Does anything look wrong with this?

session = NHibernateHelper.GetCurrentSession();


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Does anyone know how to convert NHibernate HQL to SQL Scripts?

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I need to work around an NHibernate bug I reported here. Essentially, NHibernate will generate multiple SQL parameters for the same HQL parameter, which results in problems for queries ...

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when updating an entity A, NHibernate also send an SQL update command for some other entity B. A and B are not related. Just before saving entity A, the parent of ...

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I know it's based off HQL so is it just using the same mechanisms that SetString, etc use?

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I have this table: TABLE "Set": [PK:IdSet (int), IdProject (int),IdSetState(int),IdPriority(int),NumSet(int),Unit(nchar),NumDisc(int)] And using NUnit testing. this is my test method:

        public void Can_add_Set()

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I should convert to the fallowing SQL-Query to NHibernate HQL (NHibernate 3.2). But I don't know, how I have to translate the FLOOR, DATEDIFF and GETDATE.

SELECT Birthday FROM Person
WHERE 1 = ...