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1. Unique Constraint Not Enforce on SchemaExport of Hibernate    stackoverflow.com

I am quite unsure why my entity class does not create my required table schema

@Table(name = "User")
public class User implements Serializable {
    private Long id;

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I use SchemaExport to generate a mysql table called userandrole. The table has an internalId, which is the PK. It also has a unique key (index) comprising roleName and userName. The interesting thing is that this unique key generated for the table ignores the specified key name (key1). It uses the first column name of the composite key, ie, roleName. I ...

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We have an existing schema that applies the following pattern: Tables A, B, and C all have a one-to-many relationship to Table X. The data model supports this through two columns on Table X: a generic ENTITY_KEY column, and an ENTITY_TYPE column. The ENTITY_KEY is the foreign key value to the parent table (each has surrogate indentity primary keys), and the ...

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hej, Want to generate a unique index with the SchemaExportTask. For example, a table like: --- Resource --- id: long type: String name: String has a primary key consisting of the ID column (taken care of by the id element in the mapping document). What would like to produce (with SchemaExportTask) is a unique index made up of "name,type" pairs. No ...

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I have a situation where I need to add an uniqueness constraint to an existing table column. I updated the hbm file and added the unique-key in the right place, then executed a query to the table. The table does not make the adjustment. The only way I can get the table to accept the uniqueness constraint is by dropping it ...