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1. Hibernate SchemaExport problem with import file

I am trying to export the SQL schema from hibernate mapping (.hbm.xml) files. I have managed to export it successfully and all the tables, views etc.. are created in the database. But ...

2. schema attribue of a class in mappring file

Hello, I need to query data using a join with a tables existing in an other schemas of our database. I want to inject the schema name from a property file because the name of the schema depends on the deployement environnement. Is there any way to do that ?

4. Externalizing the schema name from mapping files?

Can you tell in details how you did it? I have similar situation. Multiple schema (diff environments) that have same tables but I somehow I want to pass the schema as an argument in command-line. Or if that cant work then I can go with the properties file, as last option but even that I do not know. Thanks for replying! ...