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1. generator doesen't respect schema of table

Hi there, Is it true, that a generator doesen't respects the schema from the class? for example: Code:

2. hibernate.default_schema and sequence generator

When hibernate creates sql statement for reading from sequnces it doesn't us the hibernate.default_schema property. Is there some setting to force this? If I specify the schema name in mapping, it is added to the read sequence sql statement, but what I would like to awoid hardcoded schema name in mapping file.

3. In id generator, define schema for sequence

4. default schema not propagated to id generators

Hibernate version: 2.1.7c Name and version of the database you are using: Oracle 9 although I suspect this is a problem for all There are a few other messages somewhat related to this problem, but none directly so I figured I would post a note to state the exact issue and the work-around for anyone seeing a similar issue problem The ...

5. Schema generation for custom id generator

Newbie Joined: Wed May 11, 2005 2:44 pm Posts: 5 Location: So Carlos - Brazil Hi all, I could't figure out how to include my custom id generator, which may delegate work to the seqhilo generator, in the schema generate by hibernate (hbm2dll="create" when creating session factory). When using de seqhilo directly, its tables are included in the schema as expected. ...

6. Working with two schemas with the schema generator tool

Hi, I'm trying to work with tables from two schemas using the schema generator tool to create the DDL for them. I don't don't if this scenario sounds familiar to anyone: 1. You have a set of common tables you share among several applications. 2. You create a schema for the shared tables (let's call it 'shared') and the schema for ...

7. Schema Generator support for custom UserTypes?

Hi, We have been having some troubles in our project consistently dealing with our mappings of BigDecimal values. We have many numbers sprinkled throughout our domain model that represent distinct basic number types: - Money - Area - Volume - Percentage Each of these numbers has a defined scale that we want to be applied consistently (2 for the cents in ...