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1. Schema generated via Hibernate, sequence issue?

Yeah so far I haven't been able to get Hibernate to play nicely with PostGreSQL when using hbm2ddl. It defaults to using sequences, but not in the way that PostGreSQL tends to like (ie one sequence per table, hooked up via a serial data type for smart column defaults). So far I can either a) setup extra annotations to configure the ...

2. Sequence names and schemas

net.sf.hibernate.dialect.OracleDialect ObjectLibDS weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory t3:// eousr

3. Stopping sequence table being dropped during schema export?

Howdy, Thanks for the reply! I usually use it as just a way of clearing out the database tables automatically, and on occassion to update the schema, the latter for which I'll now use the SchemaUpdate class (thanks!). Is there another quick Hibernate option to simply delete all entries in tables? Sincerely, Mal

4. Schema prefix for Oracle sequences?

6. Specifying schema in orm.xml doesn't apply to sequences?

@Entity @Table(name="mytable") @org.hibernate.annotations.GenericGenerator( name="my_sequence" strategy="sequence" parameters = { @org.hibernate.annotations.Parameter { name="sequence" value="my_sequence" Then @Id @GeneratedValue(strategy="GenerationType.SEQUENCE, generator="my_sequence") @Column(name="id") ...

7. Oracle - sequence of different user problem in schema verify

Hi, I am trying to verify the schema (using JBoss Seam) of an oracle database. This works for tables, but not for sequences. What is the problem: The sequence (and the tables) are created by the user "DBAMGR" The verification is done with user "DBAUSR" The tables and views are granted to the DBAUSR. I can use them with the same ...

8. Default schema not applying to sequences

EDIT: nevermind guys, I figured this was a bug that was resolved in the more recent versions of Hibernate... Hi all. As the title says, I'm having a problem with the default schema not being applied to sequences. I specified the default schema using the hibernate.default_schema property in the file. The sequence name is specified in the mapping file as ...