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1. Why my ant task for hibernate database schema exporting failed?    stackoverflow.com

my Ant database schema export task is:

<!--export a DB schema-->
<taskdef name="hibernatetool"

<target name="schemaexport"

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Hi togehter I've created a simple project for testing hibernate. I have the SchemaExport.bat file for creating tables, and it works perfectly. Now, I want to use ant with the IDE (exlipse 3.0). I wrote a simple ant-script, but I have everytime a error message that I can't understand. Here ist the ant-script: Code:

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Can anyone tell me (an absolute beginner) if there's a way to get a full error message from the SchemaExportTask in ant? I'm implementing my first UserType and have gone wrong somewhere. When running the ant task I get a: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError I don't get any more information about what went wrong, and I'm much too new at this to understand what ...

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SchemaExport Task doesnt generate proper column definitions for Foreign Keys. Hi , I am new to Hibernate, and using Hibernate 3.1 beta 2. The following is my mapping document. I have used the org.hibernate.tool.hbm2ddl.SchemaExportTask ************************************* START HIBERNATE MAPPING *************************************

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Hibernate version: 3.1 rc2 and 3.0.5 I'm using the schemaexport ant task to build database ddl from my *.hbm.xml files. When I run my ant build I get the following error from the schemaexport task Schema text failed: component class not found: com.mycomp.domain.ItemPK my schemaexport target in my build file looks like

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Hi thank you for reading my post I am reading Pro Hibernate 3.0 and i have many problems as it seems many of annotation stuff changed between version 3.0 and 3.2, by the way in that book i read that hibernate can not generate an schema from annotated class, is it correct? it said that it can export schema from mapping ...