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2. Hibernate 2nd lvl cache in seam

org.hibernate.ejb.HibernatePersistence java:/S2JNETDatasource

3. Hibernate Cache

4. Hibernate first level cache is destroing my life

Hi.I'Will try to show my problem in a pratical way becouse its very hard to explain.I have this code:em = getEntityManager(); //assume this workList a = em.createQuery("from UserEntity as user where").getResultList();List b = em.createQuery("from UserEntity as user left outer join fecth user.stuff where").getResultList();stuff is a manyToOne assotiation with lazy the first query the stuff is not fetched, but ...

5. Hibernate in seam, Second-level caching problem

Hi guys, I'm going out of my mind trying to get hibernate working with seam. I already have an existing hibernate project that I want to use within the app. I am trying to strip it down to the basics and get it working with seam and then migrate the rest later.Here is my original hibernate config file that I tried. ...