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1. synonyms analyzer and PhoneticAnalyzer in Hibernate Search

Does someone knows how to use Phonetic Analyzer and synonyms analyzer. I'm not finding a good tutorial that explains this well??

2. what analzyer is good for my situation? hibernate search case

We are running a search app for book. It is implemented by hibernate search. Book entity is defined as following:

public class Book{
private Integer UID;
private String title;

private String description;
If a user search book ...

3. Lucene Analyzer for Indexing and Searching

I have a field that I am indexing with Lucene like so:

@Field(name="hungerState", index=Index.TOKENIZED, store=Store.YES)
public HungerState getHungerState() {
The possible values of this field are HUNGRY, SLIGHTLY_HUNGRY, and NOT_HUNGRY When these values are indexed ...