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1. Teracotta and Hibernate Search

Does anyone have experience with using Terracotta with Hibernate Search to satisfy application Queries? If so:

  1. What magnitude of "object updates" can it handle? (How's the performance)
  2. What kind of performance do the Queries have?
  3. Is ...

2. Asynchronous Search

I am currently working on building a proof of concept search solution for my company using Lucene and Hibernate Search. I have built individual components which work fine. I am now ...

3. Hibernate Search - searching in given scope

Let's say I have following classes. (only most important things included)

public class Client {
    /* Some Properties */

public class ClientDocumentAssociation {

4. Reverse search in Hibernate Search

I'm using Hibernate Search (which uses Lucene) for searching some Data I have indexed in a directory. It works fine but I need to do a reverse search. By reverse search ...

5. Lucene: find all words that start with specific prefix

I want to get a list of all words in a Lucene index that start with a specific prefix. I've been looking for a way to query the terms in the ...

6. Document boosting in Hibernate Search / Lucene

Everything else remaining the same, some of my objects are more valuable than others. Is it possible to boost objects at index time, let's say according to the USD price? Or if you ...

7. ask for a design pattern

We are working on web application with a search model. In the search servlet it capture the request parameters from the client, and then build a hibernate-search query for searching. Now the problem ...

8. Searching with Hibernate Confusion

I am a beginner to hibernate. I am browsing many web tutorials which is confusing me. I just want to know the direction which to go with searching when using hibernate Some ...

9. Hibernate Search Help

Getting error when adding PhoneticAnalyzer??

10. Dynamic configuration of hibernate-search?

could you please help me to configure hibernate-search(lucene)? I need to read index base location from database. Thanks in advance and have a nice day (-: Jan

What I tried (and failed): One way to ...

11. Lucene DistanceQueryBuilder

I am having a few problems understanding Lucene Spatial (partially due to a lack of documentation and good examples and partially due to stupidity I am sure!) I am trying to run ...

12. Hibernate Search, am I doing it right?

I have an Entity which I wish to index using Hibernate search to take advantage of the full textual search functionality. The Entity has several fields on which I need to ...

13. Lucene Multilingual text field

I have looked at this question - Indexing multilingual words in lucene and it confirmed some of my suspicions. I have an entity with a number of fields I wish to ...

14. Using Hibernate Search (Lucene), I Need to Be Able to Search a Code With or Without Dashes

This is really the same as it would be for a social security #. If I have a code with this format:

I want to be able to do:
query = qb.keyword().onFields("key").matching("WHOS090003").createQuery();
I tried ...

15. Hibernate Search @IndexedEmbedded

I have a similar situation like this one

public class Place {
    private Long id;


16. Hibernate Search weight resulst againt returned scores

I am using Hibernate Search, and would like to add a per query weight factor to the individual results. For instance, Let's say I want to search, adding randomness to ...

17. hibernate search vs lucene

Hibernate Search uses Lucene. The reason of our choice is mainly: - OSS - the best and most popular full-text search library out there While we could theorically use a different search engine, it is not possible today. Unfortunately the Full-text world does not offer a standard (there is no JPA spec for full-text search) and differences between libraries are quite ...

18. Hibernate Search(Lucene) additional Parameters

Hi All, I've been using hibernate search quite successfully, but now I want to add a condition to the search query but since I'm not writing the query myself, I'm not sure how to do this.. My current code for the query is : FullTextEntityManager fullTextEntityManager = Search.getFullTextEntityManager(em); // create native Lucene query String[] fields = new String[]{"title", "description"}; MultiFieldQueryParser parser ...

19. Hibernate search using Lucene

Hi, I am implementing the hibernate search using the indexing. I want to implement FSMasterDirectoryProvider except for one entitiy called 'EmpDetails'. I want to implement FSSlaveDirectoryProvider for this 'EmpDetails' entity. If i configure only FSMasterDirectoryProvider in my persistence.xml, it is working fine for all other entities. If i implement only FSSlaveDirectoryProvider , it is working fine for 'EmpDetails' entity. If i ...

20. Hibernate search with lucene

Newbie Joined: Wed Aug 25, 2010 4:35 am Posts: 8 Hi all, I am pretty new to hibernate and I am trying to use hibernate search with lucene. Below is my POJO class Code: /** * */ package com.status.admin; import javax.persistence.GeneratedValue; import javax.persistence.Id; import org.hibernate.annotations.Entity; import; import; import; import; import; @Entity @Indexed public class Webpage { ...

21. Hibernate search with lucene

22. Lucene Searches and Hibernate - Rehydration

Newbie Joined: Mon Feb 16, 2004 2:36 pm Posts: 12 All, I don't know if this is the 'best' place to ask this but here goes. I have my full domain model happily implemented in hibernate. I have a requirement to implement some advanced text AND attribute searches. So I implemented my search in Lucene. Searching my index was easy and ...

23. hibernate search and lucene document boosting

With Hibernate search is there anyway to affect the whole documents boost? i.e. doc #1 ->setBoost( 2.3f ); doc #2 ->setBoost( 2.9f ); in Hibernate Search's documentation, I see how you can affect a field's boost using annotations but there is no way to change boosts during runtime. any hints or tips on how to affect the whole documents boost?