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1. Java: JPQL search -similar- strings

What methods are there to get JPQL to match similar strings? By similar I mean:

  • Contains: search string is found within the string of the matches entity
  • Case-insensitive
  • Small mispellings: e.g. "arow" matches "arrow"
I suspect ...

2. Lucene wildcard matching fails on chemical notations(?)

Using Hibernate Search Annotations (mostly just @Field(index = Index.TOKENIZED)) I've indexed a number of fields related to a persisted class of mine called Compound. I've setup text search over all the ...

3. Why is Lucene sometimes not matching InChIKeys?

I have indexed my database using Hibernate Search. I use a custom analyzer, both for indexing and for querying. I have a field called inchikey that should not get tokenized. Example ...