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1. sql optimize search many-many    stackoverflow.com

id, username

id, groupname

uid, gid

id, groupname
Input parameters: groupname, username
output: list of books Is it possible to use 1 sql statement to get list of books when username is inside groupname Question ...

2. Hibernate Search in Action and native SQL dialects    coderanch.com

Hi, I've worked with Hibernate for some projects but I haven't used much more than the basic mappings and queries. However I have some deep knowledge of database tunning and looking at the table of contents of the book, you could think of SQL and database book. My question is the following. Many of the concepts and optimizations map directly in ...

3. Subject: Governed Search Strategy - SQL Tuning    forum.hibernate.org

There is a specific reason that I have been asking about things like QueryTranslator and setMaxResults. I am working on a project that abstracts out much of the persistence layer functionality from developers, except for the creation of DAOs, BOs, and HQL statements. Developers send in an HQL query, and we are looking to do two types of queries behind the ...

4. Appending blank space on sql search parameters    forum.hibernate.org

I am performing a search for a mapped hibernate object. The object has a statusCode parameter. The respective STATUS_CODE column in the mapped table (an Oracle dbase) is specified as a CHAR (4 Byte). I can successfully find and extract results out of the database if I search for a statusCode that has exactly four characters. However, if I search for ...

5. How can I pass a NULL search criteria to sql query?    forum.hibernate.org

Hello I can't figure out how to pass a null through hibernate to a sql query as a search parameter. The query uses the COALESCE function to dynamically build my query search criteria: In straing SQL: Code: SELECT u.USERNAME AS USERNAME , u.ID USER_ID, h.* FROM TFL_ATU_CONTACT contact ...

6. hibernate Search mixed with sql ?    forum.hibernate.org

I'm looking for a mixture of text search and SQL search in two stages. 1) Simple (I guess problem) I'e only a correct Hibernate SQL statement in my architecture : Code: from table a where ..... And want to do some text searching on the table "Table" I can extract the class name,... but my entities are stored over ...