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1. Hibernate Session Handling    zkoss.org

Hi natoosandeeop, what you means the status you want? For the lastest transaction?In our zk session handler, i don't think it will save these informations, it should be design by developer.There's a lot of way can do this, ex. log it out to a file, and check the file every time you want theinformation.

2. Hibernate Problem: Session is closed !    zkoss.org

Hi, I want to know how to solve the problem with :"Session is closed!!" after I try to use the find() method again. I use the hibernateUtil provided by zk to get the current session, and I run the SensorServiceImpl as java application, not on the server. So when I run the main function, I can not use the session for ...

4. Hibernate Session    zkoss.org

Orignial message at: https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=3631399 By: oberinspector is there a best practice to handle hibernate sessions and connection pools in ZK? For tapestry i have used a hivemind service, which provides (creates) a hibernate session the first time a Session is used, starts a transaction and commits changes and deletes the session after the request is sent to the browser... (to avoid ...