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1. Storing Grails/GORM domain objects in the session - why not?

I'm learning Grails/GORM and as I've understood it the current best practice is not to store domain objects in the session (see for a potential fix). The workaround is ...

2. How to establish a Hibernate session within a grails script

The following grails script:

// Import.groovy

includeTargets << grailsScript("Bootstrap")

target(main: "Import some data...") {

    def Channel = grailsApp.classLoader.loadClass("content.Channel")

    def c 


3. In Grails how do I access the hibernate session inside of a domain class static method?

I've read various articles on the web, but they seem rather scattered on this point. Exactly what do I need to do in my configuration and in my method to ...

4. grails console issue : No Hibernate Session bound to thread,

i'm trying to learn Grails console and had a problem. It looks like this: When I start grails console in my project WITHOUT starting the project, I can persist data to ...

5. Hibernate session in threads

Im having some problem with a service that acts as a listener of some events that are originated from an external library, that library creates a thread for reading comm port ...

6. How to access Hibernate session from src folder?

I would like to know how to access the Service and Domains properly in this sample class placed in src/java folder

public class NewsIngestion implements Runnable {

private String str;
private int num;
private Logger ...

7. grails sessionFactory.currentSession.flushMode not work with thread?

In grails we have the following config: DataSource.groovy:

hibernate {
which prints "COMMIT" when we log it in a transactional context:
println "session=${sessionFactory.currentSession.flushMode}"
but when we create a new thread this prints "AUTO". New ...

8. Keep Hibernate/Grails domain object in session

I have a application where the user needs to enter data but the form is spread across several screens each requiring the user to POST data to the server as the ...