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I am supposed to do session.close() at the end. However, this seems not making sense as I open the session in my Action class and putting session.close seems to putting something not ...

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can i use hibernate to login jsp page using (session) if i'm not using hibernate i do like this :


  ResultSet s;
ResultSet resultat = stat1.executeQuery("select * from Etudinat ...

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I have some questions about using Hibernate in JSP web application.

  • What should be the value for hibernate current_session_context_class?
  • Then, which of the following statements should be used? And why?
     Session s = ...

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Hi all, I got a problem since 3 months and couldnt solve it yet. The porblem is that; When I close hibernate session after getting ant value and then show it in jsp page, it doesnt work, but if I get the value first and view it in jsp, then close the hibernate session, it works fine. Ofcourse this method is ...

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Hi all , I use a struts action to retrieve the products from db and put java.util.List in request. In jsp:

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Newbie Joined: Fri Aug 13, 2004 11:41 am Posts: 9 Hibernate version: 3.0.X Servlet Filter Code: public class SessionManagerFilter implements Filter { /** * create a static reference to the logger. */ private static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(SessionManagerFilter.class); ...