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I'd like to have a single configuration file and then when I'm creating a session change the hibernate-configuration->session-factory->connection.connection_string property to what I want it to be programmatically? Is it possible? UPDATE: I believe ...

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I know that the session is used for the database in Hibernate, but what is the task of the session in database? Does anyone know about this?

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A silly question, perhaps, but at this time of night, StackOverFlow is my only friend. I'm playing with NHibernate and wanted to factualize these 2 statements regarding Sessions in web applications. 1) You ...

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The structure of my program is as follows: Inside my main java class:

for () // this will execute for say 5000 times ---- LINE 1
    // do select on ...

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NHibernate. I'm work with sql compaq edition, and I have many tables, I need to make the CRUDS for each one (insert, update, delete, and get). In this moment I have a problem ...