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1. Will Hibernate flush my updated persistent object when calling session.close()(using FlushMode.AUTO)?

It's pretty much in the title.
I know that session.close() does not flush the session but what I'm not too sure is about the promise of FlushMode.AUTO.
From the Docs:


2. Hibernate: evict() a persistent object while storing its changes

I have a persistent hibernate object I obtained using I changed it since. I want to execute session.evict(object) to save memory, as I am done with the object. The documentation to evict()

3. Persist and evict object from session

Hello, How is it possible to first persist and after that evict object from the same session in Hibernate? I cannot afford to use flush on session before evict! In my application user can open new panel A for inserting A in database. Then in panel A user can click to open new panel for adding bean B in database and ...

4. Persistent objects spaning mutiple sessions

I am not sure whether it is a setting issue, my understanding or simply hibernate non-support. Here is the problem: I have a persistent object Applicant. I open a new session and retrieve an applicant that I already have in the databse. I transfer the object to a presentation layer, while the session that retrieved it goes away. After a little ...

5. Persistent object transferred via Session

6. session.update() doesn't update persistence data as expected

Hi there, I am new to Hibernate 2.1 and having some problems with session.update() in following code snippet in that the update() method doesn't update persistence data as expected. However the load(), find() all work fine. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- public void updateOrganisationEmail (Long oid, String email, RunContext runContext) throws HibernateException, Exception { java.sql.Connection databaseConnection = null; Session session = null; Transaction tx = ...

7. Persisting session data outside of the httpsession

Please can you advise on the best appraoch to take: I have a large web application, which will capture 300+ data items per session (3000+ sessions per day). I'd like to avoid holding the data in the http session as it needs to be persisted. However I have a few queries: 1) Storing it as a clob seems the most appropriate ...

8. Giving same persistent object to two sessions in one trasn.

Hibernate version: Hibernate 2.1.4 Name and version of the database you are using: Informix Dynamic Server 9.4 Issue In my application i am updating two databases of same schema with separate sessions for each. Can i give the same persitent object for the two sessions. I am using the XA datasources. The function i am using is given below. private Collection ...

9. can session be injected in persistent object ?

The way I understand Hibernate, the object really doesn't have a clue that it's being managed, meaning it doesn't really have a handle to its associated session (if there is one). The obvious exception is with proxies and lazy loading...the proxy object has to have a reference to the session in order to perform the lazy load. If by "inject" a ...

10. Use of object that was persisted in same session

11. How to use a Session in a persistent class Constructor ?

I have a class Account persisted by Hibernate. I want to use an Hibernate Session in the default constructor of class Account, in order to load complementary objects. But it doesn't work because when Hibernate creates the SessionFactory, Hibernate tries to create an instance of Account by calling the default constructor. As the SessionFactory is not already created, the default constructor ...

12. session.get() does not return persistent object?!

Newbie Joined: Fri Apr 28, 2006 3:46 pm Posts: 8 When I do session.get() the returned object is NEVER considered to be persistent. Because when I set it to another one (see code excerpt) and try to persist it, the exception thrown is "not-null or transient property". Hibernate version: 3.0 Mapping documents: Code:

16. Session flush doesn't persist objects to database

I have some code to insert a collection of one type of objects (only one table is related). Because the size of the collection is very big, I need to flush the session sometimes for not causing OutOfMemory problem. Thus, there is session.flush() and session.clear() to do this. However, this doesn't work because I have . Then the insert() in ...

17. Strange Error During Session.persist(object)

Author Message gigsvoo Post subject: Strange Error During Session.persist(object) Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 4:08 am Beginner Joined: Fri May 21, 2004 5:22 am Posts: 24 Hi guys, I am having this problem during persist, but NOT during query. Hibernate version: 3.2.5 Mapping documents: Code: