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1. Grails Quartz Job has no Hibernate session after upgrade, causing LazyInitializationException    stackoverflow.com

I've upgraded a Grails 1.0.4 application to 1.1.1. After upgrading, I'm repeatedly getting Exceptions when executing my Quartz jobs (using Quartz plugin 0.4.1). The plugin is used to manually schedule jobs ...

2. Grails:: I hate and simply can't unerstand: 'No hibernate session bound to current thread'    stackoverflow.com

A simple scenario but making me bang my head against wall, as I'm unable to understand this 'No Hibernate Session bound to current thread'. Use case to implement:

def records = SomeDomain.list()

//split records ...

3. [memory leak] Quartz not releasing Hibernate's SessionFactory?    forums.terracotta.org

I found out that I could avoid the problem by closing the SessionFactory explicitly, something I thought would be done automatically when the object creating it was no longer used. This works, but I still do not get why it is not released automatically. Is this a Quartz issue or a Hibernate issue?