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1. hibernate sessions spanning multiple servers

Hello, I'm curently working on a distributed plugin framework and I'm having trouble getting the datastorage to work right. Ideally I would like to use Hibernate for this, but I'm not sure if it would be the right tool for the job. Example: There are 2 plugins, both on a different server. Plugin 1 calls plugin 2, Plugin 2 needs to ...

3. JNDI bound SessionFactory in SUN Application Server.

Hi Is it possible to use JNDI bound SessionFactory in SUN Application Server 8.1 ? I load Hibernate from a WEB module. I can lookup SessionFactory from the WEB module, but it's not possible from EJB module. From this log it seems that SessionFactoryObjectFactory gets initialized two times: first when I do lookup from WEB module and second - from EJB ...

4. Hibernate session for client and server

5. Cannot get a session Factory using JNDI in a J2EE Server

Hi I am in big trouble folks. i am not able to configure getting SessionFactory from JNDI . Please help me details about the cfg and error stackTrace are mentioned below. This is my cfg file: 1 SessionFactory