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1. How do I get the resultset of a stored procedure in JPA?

I have SQL Server 2008 and a JPA (EclipseLink) app. I need to be able to read the rows from the stored procedure. The stored procedure does some updating/etc ...

2. MySQLDialect not support resultsets via stored procedures

public int registerResultSetOutParameter(CallableStatement statement, int col) throws SQLException { return col; } public ResultSet getResultSet(CallableStatement ps) throws SQLException { boolean isResultSet = ps.execute(); while (!isResultSet && ps.getUpdateCount() != -1) { ...

3. MySQL5Dialect support resultsets via Stored procedures

Hi im new to Hibernate so please bear with me. Im trying retrieve a recordset from a MYSQL stored proceedure and am getting the error telling me that the MySQL5Dialect does not support resultsets via stored proceedures. I have also tried this with the ordinary MySQLDialect and get the same problem. Does anyone have any idea where Im going wrong? Cheers ...

4. Stored procedure must return a resultset?

5. Problem while getting resultset from stored procedure

Hello I have written a stored procedure which returns select from multiple tables. How can I return this resultset to java? CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[spExtract2] @param1 int, @param2 varchar(255) AS begin declare @t table( expense_id VARCHAR(255), type_name VARCHAR(255), ) SELECT ex.expense_id, ext.type_name FROM Expense ex, Expense_Type ext WHERE .............. return end ---------------------------------------------------------------------------