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1. Using Hibernate annotations with stored procedure in mssql

Hi, I am trying to use the below way to call the stored procedure in MSSQL from hibernate but it throws me "could not find Query Parameter[age]" exception. I tried with just one parameter and its working. I am not able to execute with two parameters. I tried putting query = "EXEC sp_emp :name, :age" in annotation but that too doesnt ...

2. Stored Procedures with annotations

3. Using Stored Procedures with Annotations

Hi everybody. I'm develop a Java Web Application using Hibernate Annotations and JPA, but I have a problem. How I can declare my Stored Procedures using annotations. All the documentation that I've read is related with (hbm) files and I want to know if it's possible to define the stored procedures using annotations.... Thanks for your help... Ju@ncho

4. SQLInsert annotation with stored procedure

I have a situation where I need to call a stored procedure when inserting data. We are heavily using annotations on this project so I definitely would like to use them for this situation. I have read up on the @SQLInsert annotation and I think it might work for me however I can't figure out the following: 1. How do I ...

5. Stored Procedure and Annotations

6. problem with stored procedures and annotations

Hi I am using Hibernate Annotations Version: 3.3.0.GA (as seen in MANIFEST.MF) to annotate entity classes. Now, I want to be able to call an stored procedure which returns just an integer value (actually, this is to check some value and return 0 o 1 depending on the check is successful or not). Well, I have the following code to declare ...