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1. Hibernate: how to call a stored function returning a varchar?

I am trying to call a legacy stored function in an Oracle9i DB from Java using Hibernate. The function is declared like this:

create or replace FUNCTION Transferlocation_Fix (mnemonic_code IN VARCHAR2)

2. Hibernate Stored Procedure - Functions


3. Trouble calling stored function/procedure with return/output

I seem to be stuck. Basically what I want to do is call a stored function or procedure that has one input variable and one output/return variable. The latter is a string which basically gives a status of the task performed. The function/procedure can look like this: FUNCTION DO_STUFF ( IN_NUMBER IN NUMBER ) RETURN VARCHAR2 IS PROCEDURE DO_STUFF ( IN_NUMBER ...

4. Invoking function/stored procedures with arrays as params

Hi all, I'm using postgreSQL and have the following function: Create or replace FUNCTION update_my_entity(my_entity_array my_entity[] ) RETURNS INTEGER AS $procedure$ declare v_row my_entity; declare v_cnt int4; BEGIN FOR v_cnt IN array_lower(my_entity_array, 1) .. array_upper(my_entity_array, 1) LOOP v_row := my_entity_array[v_cnt]; update my_entity set my_entity.status = v_row.status where my_entity.vm_guid = v_row.vm_guid; END LOOP; my_entity is a pgsql type that I defined. It ...

6. Can call MYSQL stored procedure/function???

Dear All, I had tried to use Hibernate to call the stored function in Oracle 9i and it is worked successfully but now the question is does hibernate can call the mysql stored procedure/function? if yes, how to make it works? Really need help in order to proceed my work, thanks in advanced.