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We have business restriction in accessing the database only through stored procedure calls. Caching is also not allowed. Is there value in using Hibernate framework where in you are not using ...

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This is something I deal periodically with, and first time it was me who needed conviction. Luckily, I just tried, made extra effort to learn and thanks to this book, ...

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Hi all, what about calling (database) stored procedures, when using an EJB3 container with hibernate? Is there a way to implement such a calling? I have found in another forum of an object StoredProcedureCall found in "Eclipselink". Is there any analog mechanism in hiberate, is this part of the JPA spec? Thanks in advance, Xenofon

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Hi all, i try to execute a stored procedure via jdbc on sybase. Code: ... Session session = null; java.sql.ResultSet result = null; java.sql.PreparedStatement st; SessionFactory sessionFactory = new Configuration().configure().buildSessionFactory(); session = sessionFactory.openSession(); try { st = session.connection().prepareCall("{call ta_generic_password_check (?,?)}"); session.connection().setAutoCommit(true); ...