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1. Calling Stored Procedure using NHibernate as a Named Query with Input Parameters

Problem Description:

I am trying to execute a stored procedure with an input parameter. The stored procedure executes correctly when run from MSSQL 2008 SQL Studio. However I get an error while ...

2. Calling stored procedure thru named query

Hi, I am using Hibernate + Spring. I want to retrieve the records from DEPT table using stored procedure. Here is the stored pro: CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE types AS TYPE ref_cursor IS REF CURSOR; END; CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE GET_DEPT_PROCEDURE ( P_DEPTS OUT types.ref_cursor ) AS BEGIN OPEN P_DEPTS FOR SELECT deptno as Id, dname as namekey, loc as Datekey ...

3. Stored Procedure Call: "Errors in named queries"

Is the return-alias the DTO that the result will map to? Can i assume the return-property tags are the variables in that DTO? The call has two parameters, one for the resultset and one for the input parameter. Is it implied that the setParameter() on the java side is the parameter and the return-alias is the return?

5. Problem when calling storedprocedure via sql-named-query

Need help with Hibernate? Read this first: ... AskForHelp Hibernate version: 3.2 Mapping documents: { callsp_fe_getDpyForTask (?,?)} Full stack trace of any exception that occurs: 2007-11-22 ...