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1. Execute sybase stored proc from hibernate

I am having issues with executing a simple sybase stored proc from hibernate. The procedure takes some input and returns one record. I tried with the following tag in hibernate mappings ...

2. Help needed for executing Sybase stored procedure using Hibernate

I need some help on stored procedure. I am getting exception on this. Someone plsease help. I have a simple stored procedure in sybase which returns a sequence number. The arguments for the procedure are Name of type string and Count of type integer. The underlying table has Columns String and SeqNo. What the procedure does is, increment SeqNo by the ...

3. Problem with Sybase stored proc in hibernate

I have a problem in accessing resultset from Sybase stored procedure. It is displaying ONLY the first row of the resultset. The mapping file is ...

6. Sybase stored procedure

7. Executing stored procedure via hibernate with sybase

Hello, after reading several postings, faq and the manual, i am still not able to execute a stored procedure via hibernate. Can anyone give me assistance? I am trying to execute a procedure whith "username" to get a resultset with three columns: Hibernate version: 3.1.3 Mapping documents:

8. Sybase stored procedure with hibernate.