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1. Hibernate 3 : Storing return value from Stored procedure call

Is it possible to retrieve return value from stored procedure call called within CUD operations. eg. {? = call wp_Insert (?)} I am calling using (In spring),; or; Here,"wp_Insert" is a stored procedure call and returning value.How to retrieve that return value? Is there any other way to have call that custom sql query .

2. How to retrieve a value returned by stored procedure?

I hv just started to use hibernate , and database i am using is MySQL . I have just created a simple stored procedure in mysql , CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `fst_proc`(in x int,out y int) BEGIN select pow(x,2) into y; END which means that the result will be contained in variable y . My question is that , how should i ...

3. Get a return value from an Oracle Stored Procedure

SELECT p.NAME AS name, p.AGE AS age, FROM PERSON p WHERE p.NAME LIKE 'Hiber%' "SELECT p.NAME AS name, p.AGE AS age, FROM PERSON p WHERE p.NAME LIKE 'Hiber%'" What do I replace this with? call procedurename()..? Or the whole stored procedure code from the database?

5. Execute Oracle stored proc w/o return value or parameters

I want to execute a simple Oracle stored procedure that does not require any parameters nor does it return any values or result sets. It just copies data between tables and all I need to do is execute it. In straight SQL this is all I need to do: EXECUTE MYSCHEMA.MY_PROCEDURE In my DAO here's how I'm trying to get Hibernate ...

6. Error calling stored procedure that doesn't return any value

New to hibernate & Java. I am trying to execute a stored procedure with no parameters that doesn't return any value. hibernate.hbm.xml { call DeleteOrphanObjectCondition() } I also tried: { ? = call DeleteOrphanObjectCondition() } with ...