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1. How does hibernate supports table partitioning?

Hi, It seems that it is not so transparent in postgresql. I was trying to insert to table which is partitioned by the rules. Hibernation gives an error as a number of rows did not increase in the main table. The main table is only a projections of the all partitions. It would be useful to have some way to work ...

2. Hibernate and partition tables

3. Large table mitigation: Hibernate or Postgres Partitioning?

Hibernate version: 3.2.0beta9a Name and version of the database you are using: PostgreSQL 8.X I'm trying to solve a problem that centers around the issue of data size. I have a side database which I am using to store what we call "transaction" information. Each transaction has two things associated with it, a chunk of data and a version. Each of ...

5. Hibernate and postgres table partitioning