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1. Having virtual rows in a table in hibernate

I'm sure this is a question to which most of the answers will be "Why are you doing that?", but I thought I would ask. I've got a table of (Users), the ...

2. How to get the most recently added row from a certain table

How to get the most recently added row from a certain table, which satisfies a certain condition. If I use javax/persistence/Query.html#getSingleResult() we get a NonUniqueResultException if there are multiple rows satisifying the ...

3. how to get no of rows in a database table using hibernate in java.....?

Possible Duplicate:
Implementing result paging in hibernate (getting total number of rows)
hi friedns, i want to know the procedure for getting no of rows in a ...

4. check whether row-object exists in table hibernate

Is there a way to check if the instance you're trying to save to table already exists in that table, but you don't know the ID like this :

MyObject instance = ...

5. How to add row in table only if that row is not present using hibernate?

I have a table in database which has following structure(data) :

    org_id | name
   1     ...

6. keeping a single row in a table

10. Iteratoring same row in table while retrieving

I have a table Sub_Fact_Profile in that three columns User_Id,Name and Profile. [code]User_Id[/code] [code]Name[/code] [code] Profile [/code] [code]sat[/code] [code]ramu[/code] [code][/code] [code]sat[/code] [code]venu[/code] [code][/code] [code]sat[/code] [code]mam[/code] [code][/code] [code]sat[/code] [code]jasui[/code] [code][/code] I am trying to retrieving data from this table using the code shown below Criteria crit=session.createCriteria(Sub_Fact_Profile.class); crit.add("User_Id",userid)); List ll=crit.list(); for(Iterator it=ll.iterator();it.hasNext();) { Sub_Fact_Profile sfp =(Sub_Fact_Profile); System.out.println("Name Profile Maneger--"+sfp.getUser_Id()); ...

11. Cannot get correct row from table

hibernate 3. I use many-to-many relationship, I have Companies and Administrators for Companies. Each Admin can have many companies and companies can have many admins: Admins: Code:

12. grab every row in a table in Hibernate?

I can grab every row in a table using simple HQL when using Hibernate. I'm wondering if there's another way to do it besides using HQL. maybe like a built-in method like session.load()? except load() takes in a primary key value as a parameter and thus can only retrieve one row at a time. thank you!