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1. How can i use Hibernate for temporary tables    coderanch.com

Hibernate version:2.0 My business rules are complex. we are joining 2 or more tables, then putting the resultset into a temporary table. then performing some operations on the temporary table -- we are again joining the resultset from the above operations to other tables. -- currently we are usings SPs for this purpose. How can i acheive this in Hibernate?

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Hello! We have a scenario where the user can select multiple employeeID's that we need to show line items on in one shot. The number of items in the selection could possibly be 1000's. To execute such a query, we would have to use an IN clause e.g. SELECT name, date, salary FROM EMPLOYEE WHERE empID IN (x,y,z..........) Now the IN ...

4. How can i use Hibernate for temporary tables    forum.hibernate.org

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In what situation? Normally the matter doesn't crop up: temporary tables don't usually (and really shouldn't) survive long enough for hibernate to get involved. They should be created in a stored procedure, used in that stored procedure, then dropped in that same stored procedure. If you can explain what you're trying to do, I'll try to explain how to get hibernate ...

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