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Starting a new project using EJB 3 / JPA, mainly stateless session beans and batch jobs. I've used JUnit in the past on standard Java webapps and it seemed to ...

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How would you go about unit testing an EJB that uses JPA? For example, if I have an Order entity and and OrderEJB that is supposed to calculate the total of ...

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How should I test an EJB 3.1 which gets an instance of EntityManager injected? A possible EJB:

public class CommentService {

    private EntityManager em;


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I would like to setup unit and integration for ejb3 (entity/jpa). I'm using Eclipse, Maven, and Jonas server. It seems that easybeans is what I need for integration test. Where can I ...

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I'm in the middle of reading EJB 3, second edition by manning and am having a tough time running tests on the source in IntelliJ Test is: Full Source can be found

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I am building an EJB that uses Hibernate. I have written tests for all of my entities and when I run the tests, everything works great: Hibernate connects to my database and pulls data like it should. However, when I deploy to the embedded GlassFish server, I will get this error when using getNamedQuery():