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1. How to configure JPA for testing in Maven

Is there a way to set up a second persistence.xml file in a Maven project such that it is used for testing instead of the normal one that is used for ...

2. Suggest a good approach for targeting different databases and configurations for dev/test/qa with Maven2?

Hi I'm starting a new web development project with my team using Hibernate and Spring MVC. We will be building with Maven2 and use the NetBeans IDE. Our past projects have ...

3. Maven JPA Testing

These are the locations: Test Module: src/test/resources/META-INF/persistence.xml Anyway, this is the first approximation of the solution, because what I hope to do eventually is to run the test: the file is copied persistence.xml of ejb module to test module, and modify the lines that indicate it is a jta congiruarcin a local configuration. have suggestions Thanks! Felipe