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1. Use Tomcat 6.0 as server for java web application cause javax.persistence annotations to be messed up

Normally, I use Glass Fish as my testing server for NetBeans. Recently, I tried to switch to Tomcat 6.0. As soon as I changed the server, compiler no longer understand javax.persistence.Entity. When ...

2. Hibernate exception when starting Tomcat (after upgrade to hibernate-3.5.0)

I'm getting the following exception when starting a tomcat instance with my web app after upgrading to hibernate 3.5.0:

org.hibernate.annotations.common.AssertionFailure: Fail to process type argument in a generic declaration. Type: class sun.reflect.generics.reflectiveObjects.ParameterizedTypeImpl
at ...

4. Hibernate Annotations with tomcat

I started a project with jsf + hibernate and I want this run in a tomcat server, but I don't know how I can inject the EntityManager to do persist, merge, remove, etc. With EJB3 I used @applicationContext(name="prsitenceUnit")EntityManager em;, but now I don't know how. if somebody has the answer please tell me.