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1. Database record reverting after manual change

Problem solved: Thanks guys, see my answer below. I have a website running in Tomcat 5.5 hooked up to a MySQL5 database using Hibernate3. One record simply refuses to keep any changes performed ...

2. Hibernate findById isn't finding records that it previously found

We have a very simple method that uses "findById".

public Cart getCart(long cartId) {
 Cart cart = null;

 try {

  cart = (Cart)dbSession.findById(Cart.class, cartId);

  if ...

3. data missing, but not the record...weird

Tomcat/Struts2/JPA2(EclipseLink)/MySql I have several different entities that are exhibiting an intermittent problem and I am puzzled.

  • Most of the time EntityX shows up everywhere it is supposed (edit form, lists of EntityX, ...

4. Intermittently Hibernate fetches zero records


  • A Jersey REST service having mysql 5.1 as its backend.
  • Hibernate is used as the ORM.
  • Apache Tomacat 7.0.14 is the application server used.


  • Hibernate > Session per thread. No JTA module is ...

5. new records lost after tomcat stops

Hello, i have to adapt a MS Access database in a spring application with hibernate. Reading from and writing to the database works. But when i stop tomcat the newly written records are delted. Seems like a transaction gets rolled back. What can i do? Here is my hibernate configuration: de/kraemerit/msl/repository/Article.hbm.xml de/kraemerit/msl/repository/Customer.hbm.xml de/kraemerit/msl/repository/Order.hbm.xml de/kraemerit/msl/repository/OrderPosition.hbm.xml de/kraemerit/msl/repository/TestDomain.hbm.xml ...